I believe food is our access point to community at a deeply social and spiritual level. Nothing compares to sharing that bite of food together. That is why I love my work in health and nutrition, exploring what drives people to do what they do and why they make certain lifestyle choices. And why I love my job as a food photographer, helping brands and restaurants grow their digital presence and showing everyone what they have to offer.

During periods of living abroad I worked on farms and collaborated with chefs. As a result, I ended up spending a lot of time in the kitchen myself, cooking for (yoga) retreats and other events, creating colorful and nutritious meals. Besides taste, I am intrigued by the way that food can heal.

I am an optimist, an eager and passionate lifelong learner, who is talented in connecting with and educating others through visuals, texts and presentations.

With love,

Frequently Asked Questions

What photographic equipment do you usually use?

Camera: Canon 6D Mark II
Lens: 50mm f / 1.8L, 24 ~ 70mm f / 2.8L
Post-production: Lightroom / Photoshop

Are you vegetarian or vegan?

I am not a vegetarian, but most of the time I do eat plant-based! It’s more sustainable, you consume more vegetables and it feels way lighter for digestion.

Also I often find that vegetarian and vegan dishes are more creative, because people get really creative with tasty protein substitutes and seasoning a variety of vegetables to make a cohesive, complete meal. I love it!

What is your favorite food, if you could only pick one to eat the rest of your life?

No doubt: Sweet potato.

You can steam it, cook it, bake it, mash it! You can eat it as a snack with PB on top. It makes good sweet potato fries or a healthy, sweet substitute in brownies and cookies.

Did you go to school for photography?

Nope! I am a self-taught photographer. I studied Health Sciences, because of my interest in Nutrition and Health, my passion for food was always there.

But while studying, I discovered that I missed the creative part of me. I have always taken pictures and videos of food, as I cook daily for friends and family. That’s how I rolled into food photography!

I learned everything watching YouTube tutorials, learning from other photographers and a lot of practice in the ‘real world’. Just do it!

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